All You Need to Know About Employment Background Screening and Drug Testing


A background check is an extensive look into a potential employee’s past experience and choices. It often includes the criminal history search as well as employment and education verification. Employers can also choose to add anything they deem fit for example a credit check and even social media search. It is at the discretion of the company to perform drug tests but it is not a requirement of the law except for jobs that are required to test by the federal or state regulations. There are certain industries that drug tests are required for example civil service jobs.

Companies have found out that consistent drug use by employees often comes with side effects of frequent absenteeism for example and the quality of work also lowers. One can even get injured on the job and all these negative aspects are the ones that make companies test for drugs. There are several types of drug testing done by companies. You will find that most of them use the traditional lab-based urine tests. There are also hair specimen analyses that some companies opt for instead. For alcohol, there are breathalyzers. All these tests from Clearstar are aimed at screening for different illicit substances.

There are some companies that might still hire you even though the results are positive. However, this is a very low percentage and if they do, they will likely put one on probation and need to retest the candidate on a later date. Most of the successful companies will utilize these pre-screening procedures from ClearStar so that they not only hire qualified candidates but also gain a good employee that is a good investment in the long-run.

These tests are use to determine the habits and values of the candidates and if they match the company’s values. To learn more about drug testing, visit

Two of the most common drug screens that employers are requesting are the 5-panel and 10-panel drug tests. The 5-panel drug test screens are usually for cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates, PCP and THC. On the other hand, the 10-panel drug tests include the 5 mentioned and additionally, methadone, propoxyphene, barbiturates and benzodiazepines.

It is important that you disclose the medication that you are taking as well so that it is not questionable once the results come out. Do not be fooled that you can undermine the test results by purchasing synthetic urine. If the employer has a comprehensive drug testing program, they will still be able to detect if the urine has been tainted.


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